5 signs your business needs to change your email solution

When your organization is first starting out, you don’t always give serious consideration to your email solution. For many a free email solution is fine, while other organizations might choose a solution from their Internet Service provider or even choose to deploy something on-premise. But how do you know when you have grown beyond the capabilities of your existing email service and you need a more sophisticated solution? The business email requirements of a growing company are much different than those of a small startup. Whether you’re using gmail.com, Outlook.com or another provider, there are signs that indicate your business has outgrown your current email system.
The following list identifies five important capabilities you need now (or in the future) to ensure your email solution doesn’t hold you back. Needing any one of these capabilities is an indication that it’s time to consider moving to a more advanced email solution:

  1. Security—If you’ve experienced a security breach—or are even worried about it happening—you need a more sophisticated solution that offers increased, enterprise-class security capabilities.
  1. Storage—You’ve reached your storage max: a very simple reason to upgrade. Storage space should never cause you to delete or change how you use your email, especially when paid solutions offer large stores of data.
  1. Tools—Basic email tools don’t typically provide robust inbox- and user-management tools. Advanced email solutions offer a range of features for managing users as well as extensive rules for managing your inbox—enabling you to spend less time managing your inbox and more time managing your business. In addition advanced email solutions allow you to synchronize your email across multiple devices, so you always have access to your most recent emails…wherever you are !
  2. Data—If you’ve ever felt the need to own and manage your email data, it’s time to move to a paid solution. Often, when you agree to free email terms, or hosted terms you’re granting the email provider permission to mine your data and send you ads—which is how their companies remain profitable while offering free services. Not only can this distract from your work, it also puts your company’s data at risk. Advanced emails solutions guarantee that your data stays in geographical regions.
  3. File sharing—Need to share files and collaborate securely with your team? Advanced email solutions enable team-based collaboration and sharing without putting confidential company information at risk.

Upgrading to an email solution that offers your growing business increased security, enhanced customization and a variety of features and capabilities to improve collaboration. Not only will this keep your company running smoothly and increase teamwork—your IT team will no longer spend time on common email service-level issues.

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