What a lovely jacket 🙂

This blog contains the ramblings of me, Anthony Fear, The Cloud Guy. I’ve been in the tech industry since computers used cassette tapes, when the internet was known as the ‘Local Library’ and when tablets were things you took to feel better.

Despite my ‘heritage’ I am a Professional Technologist who works with, and uses, the latest cloud products and gadgets every day. Although my job involves technology, it doesn’t stop there….my hobby is technology too!
I’m fascinated by all things tech from Gaming to Business Apps, from Smartwatches to Smart Homes; I enjoy rolling-up my sleeves and diving head first into every tech related thing I can get my hands on.

I mostly write about cloud technologies and products, but occasionally venture in to gaming and mobile tech too. I hope that my constant exposure to technology will be of use to someone, somewhere, sometime.
Feel free to reach out and say hi – it’s always great to hear from someone new !

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