Introducing Remote Autopilot Reset in Intune for Education

The Intune for Education team has released Remote Autopilot Reset feature. This new functionality allows school IT admins to reset devices from the Intune for Education console, hands free.
Traditionally admins needed physical access to a device to initiate a reset. The old reset unenrolls the device from management and removes it from the network meaning the IT admin has to reconfigure the device in order to make it classroom ready. Now with Autopilot Reset, all user data including user-installed apps and personal settings are removed, while keeping the device enrolled in Intune and connected to Azure AD. This ensures the student’s device is kept up to date with all the latest apps, policies, and settings. The Autopilot Reset can be kicked off directly on the device, or remotely from the Intune for Education console.
Furthermore with the new remote option, you can Autopilot Reset a single device:
or you can choose to Autopilot Reset all devices in a specific group, such as a classroom:
helping IT admins and teachers, quickly wipe and reconfigure students’ PCs in bulk to prepare them for a new school year. Learn more about Autopilot Reset here