New Alerts (preview) in Azure Monitor

Alerts are an important part of your overall infrastructure so it’s super important to to get notified about issues early and to take actions to resolve them promptly.
I typically use OMS monitoring my Infrastructure. However Azure Monitoring Services allows alerts to monitor the metrics and log data for the entire stack across your infrastructure, application, and platform.
The Azure team has released a preview of a new re-imagined user interface to create and manage alerts for any resource from a single location in the Azure Monitor blade in the Azure portal.
You can access the new Alerts (preview) experience by visiting the Azure portal. You will see:
1. A single consolidated view with an aggregated summary of fired alerts triggered by metrics and logs at a glance.
Alerts overview_2
2. A single consolidated view for viewing and managing the underlying alert rules across metrics and logs across multiple subscriptions.
Aler rules_2
3. A single simplified authoring experience for creating an alert across resources.
Alert rule authoring_2
In addition to the new alerting experience, we are also pleased to announce the preview of alerting on log search in Azure. Log search is a powerful capability that allows you to view and analyze log files. We are adding the capability to allow you to set up log query-based alert rules in Azure Monitor.
Log Alerts
You can start using the new Alerts in preview today.