OneNote in 2018

I LOVE OneNote ! It’s probably the application I use the most throughout my working day. Obviously I record my meeting notes in it, but I also use it as my ideas scratch pad (a pen with a Surface device is a definite bonus for that), as a To Do list and even for doodling when I’m long internal calls (don’t tell my manager 🙂 )
OneNote doesn’t get the attention it deserves IMHO, so just in case you were not aware, here is a list of features they added in 2018:

    • Tag search
    • Roaming custom tags that sync across devices
    • Customizable settings from autocorrect options (web) to default paste options (Windows 10)
    • Support for small and large eraser sizes
    • Clipboard options to Home tab
    • Show/hide source link in settings when they copy/paste (Windows 10)
    • Recent notebook provider
    • Faster sync
    • Faster search with improved indexer
    • Math capabilities, such as complex numbers in Math Solver, multiple functions on one graph, and Ink math assistant (web)
    • Accessibility checker
    • Office Lens in OneNote mobile (iOS)
    • PDF Printout: insert multiple files via drag-and-drop and the file picker
    • Copy link and share to section (web)
    • Roaming Ink toolbox
    • Lasso tool to select, move, resize in Ink mode on mobile (Android)
    • Table sorting in Mac
    • Sticky Notes synced in OneNote mobile

If you haven’t starting using OneNote, you should definitely check it out.
Personally I can’t wait to see what they bring us in 2019