Save your files to the cloud more easily

If you are like me, you store all your files in the cloud. OneDrive being my primary cloud based save location. In June of 2018 the onedrive team announced Known Folder Move (KFM). Known Folder Move provides an easy way to redirect your desktop documents and folders to OneDrive, making OneDrive the default location for those files. With KFM, your content is automatically synced to OneDrive with no disruption to productivity.
Today it gets even easier it easier for users to create and save Office documents directly to the cloud. When you go to save an Office365 document using Ctrl+S (Windows), Cmd+S (macOS), or the Save button, the new dialog box will default to OneDrive or SharePoint Online. And if you forget to save a new document before exiting, you will also see this updated save experience.

Once a document is saved in the cloud, you can easily rename the file and change the location from the title bar. This ability to save documents to the cloud directly from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint will roll out to Office 365 on Windows and Mac beginning in February.

So now there is no excuse to keep your files local 🙂